A New Direction in Enhanced Oil Recovery

The Organic Oil Recovery (OOR) process injects specific and tailored nutrients into a reservoir and induces certain targeted microbes to become oleophilic (oil loving) and attach themselves to oil droplets thus deforming the oil droplets into micro-droplets. The OOR formula is different for each field depending on various technical factors. The microbes, by dislodging and uniquely breaking down the trapped oil within the pore spaces into smaller droplets, allow for oil to be recovered more efficiently. This oleophilic (oil loving induced property) activity is an entirely new direction in the field of enhanced oil recovery. This process is simple, efficient, inexpensive and 100% environmentally friendly..
The OOR process uses indigenous microbes that have already adapted to their environment over millions of years. The Titan Process, to which Bios Energy Corp holds the Canadian rights, does not inject microbes into oil fields. Instead, Bios only provides a nutrient treatment to encourage resident microbes to proliferate within their respective fields. Thereby, by-passing all the past problems used by other competitive microbial methods that had few successes.

With OOR, microbes are able to multiply by millions of times on specialized nutrients, and their small size helps them penetrate deep into the formation where they act to break up and mobilize previously trapped oil droplets, which have been left behind by both secondary and tertiary recovery methods because the oil droplets were 1) too large too pass through the pore throats (tiny openings in the sand/rock formation) of the reservoir, or 2) never contacted by the recovery method in the first place.